Sust, different kinds?

Booty Daddy

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Who makes Sustanon (sust) that is available in vials? Anyone? Also, what are the different kinds (brands) of Sustanon (sust)? I have tried Kiratchi (my spelling sucks, sorry) Sustanon (sust), but personally the results for "me" were not that great.

Thanks :)
Try omnadren.

Have you thought about the single esters of test? Many prefer them over the combo of sust.
well seriosly the only type of susts in vials ur going to get are mexican shit or underground lab shit.......... loeffler Sustanon (sust), tornel Sustanon (sust), IP, PVL, BDL......etc etc a new UGL pops up almost every fucken wk so i have no clue wuts out there far as amps

Nile Sust

are among the best sellers and are pretty easy to find if u got the right guy.............however like almighty said go with oms......... there cheap and same shit........ u can pretty much buy 2x the amount of oms for the same amount of sust