Susta x Deca x Turina 2o Cycle


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Good Night fellas, I'm about to start my second cycle. First was 2 years ago Enan x Bold, but I unfurtunatelly I had to stop in the middle. Anyway after a few time far from gym, I'm back since 8 months ago and next month I will be doing the 2o cycle, and I would like some advices. Currently I'm on a diet kind of Cutting, my objective with the cycle is gain some mass with quality and reduce a little bit my bf.

Follow my profile:

Age: 25 yrs
Ht: 1,92 cm (6,4ft)
Wt: 83kg (183lbs)
BF: +- 15%
Exp: 2 yrs


1 - 4 Turinabol 60mg/day
1 - 10 Sustanon 500mg/wk
1 - 10 Deca 300mg/wk

HCG 250UI every 4 days
Anastrazole 0,5mg/day


30 days after the last shot

1-14 day 40mg Tamox/day
14-30 day 20mg Tamox/day
VIT E 1000UI
VIT D 10000UI

My doubts are:

- Should I make any changes in the diet ?
- Shall I keep taking lipo6x black during the cycle to lose fat?
- Is the PCT ok ?
- Does anyone knows if is there a problem take finasteride during the cycle ? does it has any effect taking testo ?
youre 6'4 and 183lbs my man.. you need to focus on your nutrition and put the steroids away for now..
Hi there, so your basically doing a first cycle again since you cut your last one short, how long was it for? why did you cut it short? hope you did a proper pct to get the boys in working order again.

I would do a test e only cycle with hcg and an Ai, for 12 weeks followed by a proper pct. Have you done any blood works to check your test levels as of now?
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You are 6'4" and weigh 183lbs? You're trying to cut??? How can you possibly be fat?

10 weeks of neither compound is a long enough run. Those have really long esters and need used for a lot longer than 10 weeks.

If your stats are correct, I would focus on diet. You are very tall and weigh nothing at all but you say you need to cut. Diet would be your answer right now. Look into getting a diet coach.
I'm 6'4" and weigh 235#. I think if I was 183# I would look like a prisoner of war camp survivor. If your body fat is really 15% you are skinny fat and no doubt quite weak.

Listen to the diet advice and fix your workout plan, neither must be working for you. Steroids will help you bulk up faster, but living the way you are you won't keep it. No shortcuts....
You put alot of effort to share all your data. Have you adjusted your diet to beef up more?