Sustanon 250 Karachi

Lilarnold said:
looks like mine, I have never used amps before though, how do you open them? Break with hand at white line?

Yes. Unfortunately some amps with scored necks still dont break open easily so you have to file the glass down a little for easier opening.
I have yet to open one successfully. My ass is full of glass! If a girl pinched my ass she would probably cut her hand!
Yes, the stuff is very good. The only problem it will become unavailable for a while because of the war in Iraq. Its very hard to import the stuff from Pakistan right now.
I had to buy Nile sustanon last week but I was planning to get karachies. Same stuff inside but karachi amps looks better :)
I'm curious.. is Karachi sus less painful than others? I've never tried any of them because of the frequent inj. and the bit of pain I've heard about. I have a feeling it's not that hard to handle though.