Sustanon 250 or Test Ethanate


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I'm going to be doing my first cycle in about a month, and 400 mg a week of Eq is a sure thing, but can't decide between 500mg a week of Sus or 400 mg a week of Test. I am concerned about gyno and water retention, which is why I am leaning towards sus, allthough it is slightly more expensive. If I do decide to go with Test instead, would Nolva be necessary with such a low dose, and how much Clomid would you recommend to jump start the grapefruits,(10 week cycle)
and again, what would the vets recommend, Sus or Test.

Thanks guys.
I would go with a single ester like Enan for 10 weeks.
Use the enanthate. And you prolly wont need nolvadex unless you're really prone to gyno. 400mg isnt a large dose.
1- go with the Enanthate
2- have Nolvadex on hand just in case, you have no idea if you are prone to gyno cause this is your first cycle, so have enough to run @ 20 mg/day for 10 weeks
3- Clomid, you will need 36 tabs (50mg), run it 300 mg first day, 100 mg/day for the next 10 days & then 50 mg/day for another 10 days.
yep Eth.

Sust in all reality mimics the effects of a single ester, so you might as well save yourself the injection pain, and just go with Ethanate.
I love enanthate, especially if they are ICN' I like the idea of a single ester.....