switch cycle?


Amateur Bodybuilder
ok guys, i need your expertise. I've been doin 750 omna a week for about 2 weeks. it's my buddy's gear i'm borrowing and soon i'll be gettin my own. i like my enanthate cycle and want to order that but will i have wasted the omna? another q, is omna stronger than enanthate? i'm also doin 35 mg dbol a day and generic adex eod. i like the steady levels the enanthate brings since i'm prone to zits, so this is a big factor in my thinkin with summer comin. let me hear what you think. copracor
750 mg a week with omna is awesome how many times a week do you shoot?
I don't see any problems switching to Enanthate.

As far as which is stronger, take a 250 mg dose of both,....if you remove the esters from each, you are left with 180mg of free testosterone from the Enanthate, and 188 mg of free testosterone from the Sust., so not much of a difference in my books.