Switching from AAS to Prohormones. Still get good results?


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I've been using AAS for almost two years now and have seen great results, although I'm thinking about giving up my dream of becoming a pro and just focusing on have a good physique and a good career. I've used prohormones for about a year before starting AAS and had great results with them, and I only used them because I didn't have a source yet for AAS. As of now, I want to spend less money on stuff and still see good results. If I make a switch from AAS to prohormones, can I still see good results? My goal is to have a good muscular physique around 250lb or so and not risk breaking the law and ruining my life. I also don't like having to spend a lot of money up front to order goods and risk not getting what I ordered.

25 y/o, bodybuilding for 6 years
232lb 12% BF 5'-11" tall
Prohormones used: Tren (prohormone), Black Magik, Edge, Warrior, Trenazone, Ultradrol, Winni & Anavar (prohormones)
AAS used: Test-E, Test-P, Tren-A, Tren-E, EQ, Dbol, Anadrol
Nope.. does not even compare brother... PH's suck... If you wanna play, you gotta be willing to pay my friend.
Yeah I agree with above. The problem with supplements and the reason I don't believe in them is they claim AAS results and cost a lot more than actual juice depending on where you live and who your dealer is. To be honest there will be supplements from time to time that work, but they will soon get banned. If you want real results stick to AAS and do it responsibly.