Take It Or Not


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I Know It May Sound Silly But Still Got To Ask.

I Have Been Training Naturally For 4-5 Years And Want To Go To The Next Level. But Consdiering After Effects Of The As, Still Think About It. I Would Say It's Better To Experience While I Can Rather Than Wondreing About What Would It Be Like All My Life.

My Status Is 28 Year Olds, Bf 18%-19%, Weight 76kg, About 174cm.
I Would Go For Test Enth Or Anavar For First Cycle For 6 Weeks.

What Do You Guys Think?
Comment Appreciated.
THis is a steroid site. People here do steroids. Traning without steroids isn't comparabel to traiing with and if the sides were that bad we wouldn't take them.

10 weeks 1st cycle and this doesn't belong in the traiing section it belongs in the anabolic forum.