Takedown day reposting this

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Since the Almighty Closed my post it was not directed at only 2 people it had to do with what really happened but yes I also addressed 2 other people who had a response to me in another thread that was locked!

Here is to the post you locked of mine! I posted a link there where people could see whatr actually happened and that he probably did overhear something just wasnt for us! I think this info is good for people since it is the same subject that got alot of people in argument and scared! Even though ised is a rat it still was almost a post for him because it really did happen just not how he thought!

I dont get it.

People are still able to see your post. It wasnt deleted. This thread is going to do nothing but yet again stir up shit between board members with opposing views on the subject.

We have heard your side of the story more than once now, and we have also heard from iced....so please let this shit die.
I understand bouncer, but the info on this bust is already all over the boards, including this one.

All this post is going to do is draw the two sides of the Iced debate out of the woodwork and start drama again.
I just want to clarify another thing. I said yesterday that we wanted to hear the story and that banning members was a last resort. I guess there are members here that own a crystal ball because they pm'ed me and told me that they were thinking about posting elsewhere because we were not banning Iced. Well, I never made a concrete statement that implied that Iced would never be banned. I simply said he would not be banned at the moment and that we wanted to hear the situation. From as many sides as we could. And just for all those members that "need to know", we are still debating as a staff what to do with Iced.
Not open for further replies.