Tbol only - 1st timer- questions


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I'm 23(almost 24), been hitting the gym on and off since i was 14, but my last 4-5 years I've been pretty serious about it, and in the last 2-3 years i can pretty much say i have my diet on point.
I work out 5 days per week, just finished a clean bulking phase and am looking forward to getting ripped. Why? not for the ladies, not for any contest, just for me. I enjoy sculpting my body.
So, why would i opt for an oral tbol cycle and not for the usual test, as a beginner? Well, I suffer from male pattern baldness, and I would like to keep my hair for at least 10-15 years more.(I am using minoxidil and will start using nizoral shampoo pretty soon i think). I know I could try finasteride, and opt for test or other aas, but I'm more scarred about the finasteride sideeffects than the side effects from the anabolics.
So, getting that info out of the way, here's what i'm planning to do:
1 40 mg/day
2 50 mg/day
3 50 mg/day
4 60 mg/day
5 70 mg/day
6 60 mg/day

The numbers above were advised by a friend who is a competitive bodybuilder(pretty high ranked in Europe), but I would like a review if those numbers are ok, and if you think the cycle should be a little bit longer?At least from my searching i have found out that most people use it for about 8 weeks.

Ok,next topic:pCT

Week 1 20 milligrams daily
Week 2 20 milligrams daily
Week 3 10 milligrams daily
Week 4 10 milligrams daily

I think this should be ok, as a PCT, but would also like a review on it.
I will also be taking something to protect the liver(even tho, tbol is not so toxic) and also some taurine for the problem with the pumps.
i always see a red flag when someone says that their friend, "whos
is top ranked bodybuilder etc. ," tells someone to do a cycle plan.

to start, oral only cycles are not for men and most likely most of the gains you will make will be water weight. once your done you will piss most of his gains right out. with a properly run pct there is a chance you could hold on to some gains. your liver will love you as well.
how many weeks are you running this?
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Pct with what? Clomid? I only see milligrams.
Orals only? Yeah sure, orals only........with test. Orals shut us down. Need test to keep our hormones up. People do it though I've heard. They say they're gonna thwn they never report back. Do us a solid and report back after this please. I want to know how it goes. Never had tbol.
I'm no doctor, orals only just seem like a bad choice to me. Good luck bro
First bud, welcome to Steroidology :wavey:....

SO let me tell you, that you need first , before you introduce any steroids to your body , educate yourself. OP all you need is to read and do a little research and thinking, ... as we try to point you in the correct direction in maybe using AAS as safe as possible.
Please don't do anything until you re - read the sticky threads as in the beginners cycle thread.

Orals are not good and this is a bad idea without having a Test base. You're gonna fill up with water without an AI. Ha, lol not a good cycle at all... well not even a cycle.
never run anything but test your first cycle, never run anything without test after that..

orals shut your natty test down, you wont have any free test doing what it needs to do.
I've Never Ever been a Fan of Oral Only Cycles, with one Exception.

If you are a Competitive Powerlifter, and in Prep for Competition.

1st Cycles should always be a Test Only Cycle............................ JP
If you want to get Ripped, try Carb-Cycling in a Caloric Deficit.
AAS are Not Fat Burners ~ they just increase Protein Synthesis !
IAAS are Not Fat Burners ~ they just increase Protein Synthesis !


Running a tbol cycle with low T is what you would be doing. All the sides and very little, if any of the benefits. You will still need to PCT. You are still effecting your endocrine system which effects everything.

Hair loss may be important but your health is more important. These ain't potent supplements. This is serious business. If hairloss is that important then AAS are not for you. It's part of the risk. Test, AI, hCG, Clomid, Nolva. Base for anything really.

I see most hairloss issues when people are stacking.
Water retention goes hand in hand with estrogen/AI.
Failed PCT tied to improper timing, dose, and drugs.
I'm sorry are you just using more tbol for your pct?! That's crazyness.

Also why are the dosages fluctuating so much? Better off keeping it steady at say 60mg for 4 weeks or so and then upping it to 80 if you become accustomed to it and gains stall.

Also run test or you'll be disappointed with your progress. A a low dose to keep your shit running. Tbol doesn't aromatize and it will shut you down, a few weeks in and you'll be feeling super crappy.
So OP where did you go. Please let us know if you understand what all we are telling you. We are trying to help you so please don't be offended or disappointed with what any of us have said.

Good luck , OMM