Test cyp cycle help...

cant get BIG

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I am planning a cycle of test cyp and not sure whatelse to stack with it. I am thinking about dbol and winni. Is that good? I have done 1 cycle of cyp...


phatboy said:
DTOX said:

im curious why you answered no. what's wrong with stacking test with dbol?

Because he does not want to give the wrong advice before knowing how old this guy is and what are his stats. We definitely need some of this info. before giving some beneficial advice.


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Test is best when stacked with lots of food and heavy compound movements. You don't need anything else.

Oh yeah, and dbol. LOL


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He said dbol & winny.

That tipped me off right there that the guy is probably 17 years old.

cant get BIG

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Actually i am 21. I am around 10% bf. I want to put on mass and research tells me that dbol and test are the best... aM I wrong?


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DBol and Winstrol (winny) are both 17aa items, I love dbol minus the skin issues. Dbol + test + lots of eating is a rockin cycle, if you can't get the diet right though you'll see half the gains if that.

This is why really its recommended that you know how to eat and train naturally before you step up to the next level.

cant get BIG

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thanx i appreciate it. I have the training and dieting down, I just reached a plateau...... The first cycle went well. I kept most of my gains just didnt get big enough. Y am i wrong to be doin cycles at 21?


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Gains don't come from steroids, they come from increased calories. Steroids just tip the scales so that the increased calories are turned into muscle instead of fat.

The bottom line is still that if you're not gaining you're simply not eating enough, and all the steroids in the world aren't going to help until you increase your calories.