Test Prop and anavar ??


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I've been on 10mg of anavar a day for three weeks and want to add
test prop. My question is how much prop should I use? I have 10ml of
100 mg of prop (QV) also how often should the injections be.... I'm
thinking every 4th day, I want to drop body fat while keeping my muscle I'm 5'7" and weigh 148lbs but started at 145lbs I'm slimming
down but heavier from the muscle gain. Fantom has helped me alot
with my training and Anavar use,,,,,but with adding the prop he suggested that I post here. I also have a shit load of clen, so any Ideas? One last thing can I use an insulin syringe to inject the prop?

Thanks ;)
Hi Trix :) You can use a Slin pins as long as you're lean in the area where you want to inject. I use my quads and I am not lean enough there IMO to use a Slin pin because that needle is only 1/2". I use a 1" for everything else. Since this is your first time with Prop I suggest you start w/ 12.5mg E3D for 2 weeks then if all goes well bump it up to 25mg E3D IF you think you need to ;) I only use 6.25mg EOD. That is enough for me. I find that if I inject more than that I become SUPER BITCH! I am already a little fiesty :D Seriously though I tried 25mg then went down to 12.5mg they were both too much for me. I started to sound like Kermit the Frog the day after the injection :( But the 6.25 has been excellent. No sides. GOOD LUCK chica!! :cool:
Good info Nubi :)

Trix.. The key with all Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) is to start low and listen to your body. We all can handle things at different levels, so as Nubi said, if your voice gets scratchy if you become super bitch, you need to lower your dosage.. Most women are VERY sucessful with low dose test and prop is the only one to use as a woman IMO...

if you want to throw in the clen, you can use a pyramid or a taper.. It will help you shed some bodyfat for sure.. There are tons of posts on here about cycling clen and dosages.. i would type them all but i am really tired right now, but wanted to at least post for ya.. But remember clen can make ya super bitch too lol.. so be careful.. IMO 2-3 tabs a day is enough to get good fat burning and low enough to keep you from severe mood swings..

luv super