Test Prop Farmak amps


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im not sure how to open these as they do not have a plastic strip marking that u score. anyways here they are. real??

right pumped

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can't help with quality of these cause i have never seen them before sorry, but for opening them just score them at the bottle neck and break them off with a pen cap. hasn't failed me yet, if your not comfortable with the cap you can get an amp opener at a pharmacy for a few dollars.

good luck


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I used those last years with some winstrol/suspension. They are excellent. Not to mention very smooth, and completely painless..


sorry for being out of topic a little bit but i dont know where can i get this information.
As people who have legit sources (thats why i post in this forum), can someone send me a website address with legit gear as a private message?


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I'm using these same thick necked amps too. I've never in my life had a prop that shoots this fast easy and painless. I hope their real but i must say i'm a little suspect about them.
My jelfa onma's hurt and these don't at all soooo....


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i use a file. The same kind you would use on metal.
My bro use's a serated knife

Once your make a score they open right up


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The reason why it seems watery is they are made with ethyl oleate, not regular oil. That is why it is completely painless, oh and not to mention they are only 50mg/ml if i am correct.