test suspension ?


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Would it be a wise move to compliment weekly ethanate injections with very light ED site injecions of test Suspension in order to prioritize growth in lagging muscles (In my case those damn F%#*ing calves and triceps)?
Seeing as this is your first cycle, I would not recommend it. To keep blood levels stable you have to do ED or twice ED injections.

Plus the fact that the whole concept of site injections increasing muscle size is widely debated to say the least.
Thats a little on the aggressive side if this is indeed your first cycle.

Wait to see how your lagging muscles react to what you have planned and then assess the situation.
Yes, Ive used test suspension several times and without consistent daily or twice a day inj. like stone cold said your levels will be bouncing all over the place. Besides that suspension clogs sometimes while injecting since its water based and its just not worth the sides if your proned to them. Since this is your first cycle you dont know how you will react to test, therefore enanthate is your best choice since its half life is 7-10 days which will enable more consistent levels.
I would not do it, especially if it is your first cycle! Suspension also is pretty painful, it would not be a very good experience for you!
I wasn't planning on doing it on my first cycle, just wondering how realistic it is so I might incorporate it once I get a few cycles under my belt. You guys changed my mind though, no reason to stick myself that often when site specific results haven't been proven.