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what are the pros and cons of doing anondate or propionate?
i ran out of anondate and switched to propionate is that ok?
sorry if its a dumb question but i am a rookie.
unfotunately i am a rookie body builder. i might have the name wrong.
i was originally doing, test anondate, i am now doing propionate. i went from 1 injection to 3 per week. my question is what are the pros or cons of either, and is one better than the other.
Do you mean enanthate?

Also...how many milligrams is in one cc of your propionate? I would say a good 50-75mg ed or 100mg eod would be good for a beginner.
imo test is test. what matter is mg/ml and the ester it is attached to. ex. prop or enth. so what is yours?
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Test Prop is fast acting. Injections are typically done every day or every other day. Pros - it gets into your system faster & you feel it quicker. Bloat from water retention is minimal. Cons - more frequent injections.

Test enanthate is slow acting. Injections are typically done every 3-5 days. Pros - need less frequent injections. Cons - typically takes 2-3 weeks to start feeling the effects. More water retention/bloat with enanthate.

Hope this helps.