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Starting first cycle next week. will track progress. here is the starting point.
190 pounds
33 years old

Feel free to critique. I am looking for suggestions. I want my chest alot bigger. That is what I am looking for. I have been all natural up to this point. I have been working out for 5 years religiously. I used to be 260 pounds and fat i trimed down went form a 40 inch waiste to a 32. It has been alot of hard work but I have been happy with the result.
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Suggest that before you start your cycle, you get some good front, back, side, shots. Get a friend to take these for you (not you doing it yourself holding your camera). That will make it much easier for us to comment, and will also be much better for you when you look at comparing your before and after shots.

Good luck!


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There is some extra skin around my stomach. Why I can't get my lower abs to pop. The rest of my body was even. Just was fat but not hanging fat. I worked out when i was bigger as well. My diet is what trimmed me down. I really was very strict in what I ate. No sugar No white carbs. and i ate alot. Thanks for the comments and I will get better pics. Sorry that is my phone so it is hard to take a timed pic.