This shit is addicting


Juice Authority

I don't know about any of you Bro's but I'm getting addicted to this stuff. The time I spend online posting and responding to posts is on the brink of obsession. Is there a 12 step program for this? I need help....

Tell me about it...My wife threatened to divorce me. I can't help myself!
layith the smackdown right away, discuss what she does, tv, ect.
I workout enjoy nature, mountain biking and going to the boards instead of tv.
True, something about this board has me posting a lot which is unusual because Ive only posted 300 times in 2 years at elite. We must just have better people:cool: and being on DSL isnt helping because I can post REALLY fast.
Whoever owns this board created a monster in me! Thanks!!!
grafix-gnc said:
i agree, never had this close, family like atmosphere at any other board

I'm with that. When I feel like getting into an argument or a flame throwing match I'll go over to Elite.
My wife is getting pissed,
Home from work, change and then straight to the gym
2 hrs later home, eat my dinner and then on here. She asks :wouldn't you rather watch TV with me?" hmmm...Gilmore girls or here...hmmm

I hope my next wife understands.:D

I love this board too......I'm on it every chance I get.....but I haven't been posting quite as often as I was at musclezine.....I dunno....I guess school got a little harder for me.
my wife gets pissed at me because of the time i spend on the comp.

she is happy about the fact i took the time [finally] to learn about what i am putting into my body.

this is a great place to learn