Thyroid drugs


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I just was looking at a list and saw something called Armour thyroid (proloid). It is supposed to have t-3 and t-4 in it. Could I use that in the place of t-3. If so would I just run it the same way?

go with t3 bro i used it with no problems its really good i used unipharm 50mcgs but this time i want to try jones.

Yes, avoid the T-4.... or do like I do and wait around for T2 :D
I see no reason to avoid whole grain thyroid. The key ingredient is the T3 and the dosages don't equate, but I've used IP's whole grain thyroid with great success and no problems.

JBoldman says he prefers aromour whole grain thyroid to T3. He is very knowledgeable and I believe he would know if there was a reason to avoid whole grain.

He lists it as 50 mcg. T3 but it is actually whole grain dessicated thyroid. Nandi had a friend translate the label. Each pill is equivalent to about 17 mcg. of T3.
ok, it's been a while

i know this an old post, but i can't seem to get a definitive answer. a whole grain of Armour Thyroid (brand name) is 60mg. IP lists 40mg. so was it the whole grain that equals 17mcg T3, or was it IP's 40mg?

also, what would be an optimal fat-burning dosage for about 8 weeks of use? not sure if i just take the T3 figures because all T4 that enters a cell will convert to T3.

and one question for those using synthroid: how much of the T4 actually makes it to a cell?
and from a little web searching, it seems a whole grain (60mg) has 9mcg T3 and 38mcg T4. still wondering if it can be used successfully for fat-loss.
we're in the same boat dude. i have my bio final on monday. and i've been on ritalin during study-time. and it suppresses my appetite for the rest of the day.