To keep or drop letro on test,tren,eq cycle


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Quick break down I’m running test 500/wk EQ 600/wk tren 400/wk. twice weekly. I have diagnosed gyno and have been able to keep it at bay with other cycles in the past including this one. I will get the surgery but not until later this year. So my right titty started to get very sensitive and swelling very slightly. I was running adex but probably not high enough and immediately switched over to letro worked up to 2.5mgs daily. Symptoms seemed to start slowing but me in fear about shutting my e2 down was thinking I should stop taking the letro and switch to a higher dose of adex either ED or EOD. I don’t have exemestane available and I can’t run my nolva because tren. I’ve posted on other forums and have not had any good opinions. I will be getting bloods done next week but because of the snow and moving may not be able to be the following week. Thank you in advance.


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Since you can't get Aromasin.

You need to do Bloodwork, to check your Estradiol.
Especially when doing so much Letrozole.

Might need to do it once to see where you are at, then Lower the Letro.
Then do another Bloodwork in 3 Weeks to a Month............................. JP
If you notice that your Joints are starting to hurt ~ you've most-likely already crashed your E-2 !
Letro is my preferd Ai. I don't ever run anything with out it. It great at reversing gyno too. Drop the dose till you hit the sweet spot.

Letro lets you know when it is too much your joins will be dry and hurt. Take it everyother day. I love the letro rebound effect it catapults you into ptc.
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