Tornel Supertest...

so whats the deal with this stuff can I expect good gains as with other sust products?????? I notice that there is not as much pain???why???? thanks in advance....r
Ihave actually started to notice pain at the site....I think the first bottle I got was totally underdosed.......the second bottle seems to be kickin in.....later....
i just took my 6th shot today of the supertest, i don't get very sore from it either. i didn't feel a thing until about 4 days ago. i'm stacking it with 40mg ed of reforvit. not too sure about this stuff though. haven't heard too much about it really. to be honest, i was gonna do 12 weeks of it with tren, but i decided to switch to cyp and prop with tren instead. maybe i'm just paranoid or it hasn't been long enough, but i'm not too impressed. i've also heard that it takes 3 to 4 weeks to kick in and it's not a bad idea to shoot some prop to speed it up. it was 7 weeks since my last cycle when i took my first shot, and i've put on ten pounds so far. probably mostly water from the reforvit. hope i was helpful.
I had a bottle of that shit. It was filled with 10.5 ml but I didnt get the gains I had expected so I switched to the Sust ready-jects. IMO this stuff isnt good enought for the animals it was made for
George thats the only thin ive been using is tornel super test and i love it i put on 25lb in three months and ive accidently started to cut in my stomach (no i dont work abs)