Tran Enanthate

Yes they are a fairly big, well known lab.
I think it's a pretty new product though, so I'm not sure how much is out there.
Im gonna be on it in about 2 months. Im sure someone will beat me though. I think its gonna be some good stuff. The lab is very reputable as well.
I don't think its any big secret since I saw that Fonz has posted on AF that he is now using it. Supra labs is producing the product, 100 mgs./ml. in 20 ml. bottles.
As I recall it was somewhat pricey, which doesn't surprise me given that it is a unique product. I think Fonz listed the price on the thread at anabolicfitness, you could check it out.
it will cost about $150 average, for 2 grams. Thats a bit pricey, but not only that, it would require 5cc's for an injection once a week to get approximately 71mg/day of tren. Thats a bit much, plus you gotta factor in that you will most likely be doing at least 2 cc's of test and maybe another 2cc's of another drug. That is a alot, why not just go with acetate?
They should have made it much higher in the aspect of mg/ml ratio. It's a once a week injection, why so low. Make me some Fina400 :)
i am curious to see the results, mainly because it resembles parabolan, and an amp a day was considered a pro amount. That is less tren than most of us shoot. Their are definately differences in how test suspension and test enanthate affect people, i want to see if the tren enanthate will resemble the negma para. I would also like to hear some feedback from all the old farts who used real para back in the day and what their results were.