Tren at micro dose added to a c***se


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Just want to throw this out there. Ive been on 150mg of tren-e for the past 6 months. My cruise dose is 150test/150tren. Only sides I get is some mild insomnia. I've never gone over 200mg of tren. I'm just now starting a blast with 300mg of tren. I keep my size/strength easily after coming off a blast. I keep my tren low during cruise and bulk blasts, and now im experimenting with a higher dose (300mg) for my cut blast. The good thing about cruising on it is that i dont have to wait for it to kick in when I want to up it for a blast or drop down to a cruise. 150mg of tren-e is truly only 100mg active hormone btw. Its not that crazy as some of you make it out to be.