tren or mast? halo or winny? cycle opinion


futile amnesiac
hey fellas. getting into a cycle here in a few months and am having a hard time deciding on which compounds to use. let me lay it out real quick.

wk 1-4 t-bol
wk 1-12 600mg test en
wk 7-12 75mg tren ace eod OR 150mg masteron eod
wk 7-12 50mg winstrol ed OR 30-40mg halo ed

now i'm looking to get a very lean ripped look out of this cycle. i've used Winstrol (winny) before but wasn't real impressed and have yet to try halo. am interested in halo for it's effects on strength and cutting properties. have used masteron in the past w/ some success but to be honest i am quite fearful of tren. if you were lookin to really lean up and cut up with some nice strength gains which combo would you choose? thanks.