Tricky trt situation post cancer treatment


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Hey all. I used to be pretty active on these forums roughly 5 years ago.
Had run quite a few cycles and basically blasted and cruised for nearly 3 years..

Long story short, i was diagnosed with cancer back in 2016.[a blood cancer. No connection to gear] Was supposed to only do 6months of chemo. So naturally i stopped pinning.
At one point i restarted, but the injection site showed up as inflammation on a scan and my doctor told me to stop.

Here i am nearly 3 years later and just finally in remission after a bone marrow transplant.

Obviously my body has gone to complete shit. And i know i have low test... im just unsure of how to bring this whole situation up to my doctor. I mentioned it once and he said "you're young. I dont think we need to check that"

Or should i find a seperate clinic/endo ?
I wonder if non-injectable options would be an option for me as well.
Do i bring up my previous cycle/gear history?do i keep it hush?

I just need some help. Im 29 and feel like im 70.
Yes you should definitely get on TRT. Current research shows that optimal levels of testosterone decrease your risk of aggressive prostate disease by 50%. So while your T is low you are at risk.

It has yet to be proven but we think high estradiol can contribute to prostate cancer, so keep that in check. You don't have to go overboard, but you want to keep it under 50.

If you want to do TRT with us shoot me an email at

One of our doctors is a Urologist and has been for 25 years.

Hope this helps.