Useing nolva and clomid togeather... necessary?


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I read too many arguements on whats better .. nolva or clomid. Can someone explain to me if both would be better. Just though i might as well ask considering my pal who is cycling with me has nolva for pct, and i ahve clomid. Both our bottles have more then enough for 2 cycles so i figured we could just trade half and half if it would help with the pct.
anyone have some facts for me ? :eyes:
if you're gonna use both use it like this
clomid 100mg ed
nolva 40mg ed
clomid 50mg ed
nolva 20mg ed

a lot of guys swear by using this method of post cycle therapy (pct) stacking nolva and clomid together but it's not 100% neccessary... you can use one or the other
Nolva is seen as being a little superior. Depending on what cycle you run, you may want to include both. If it's your first cycle, 500mg/wk test then a standard Nolva therapy is usually fine for restoring function.
THe more I talk to people and read clmid is superior for resoring HPTA. I have found this to be true for myslef as well. Nolvadex did not cut the cake by itself.

I have not read nor see or experienced any negatives to taking both together. I guess it is just more insurance.