Valentinos arm exploded

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I,ve seen a pic somewhere of this .Anyone have it ,pic shows a huge scar on his arm from where surgeons had to remove scar tissue and probably infectuous absecess.Truly gross pic.
If you have it post it.
So how did his arm explode exactly? Just 1 to many injections, strain? Anyone know whats the story?
Valentino claims that it wasn't the synthol but rather anabolic site injections that made his arms grow like that. He Hit a blood vessel in his bicep and than got arrested soon afterwards. He went to jail with the bicep untreated and it progressively got worse before needing surgery.
I know Greg on a personal level and even though he is the absolute "rambling freak" he has got to be one of the most genuine nicest people i know.. He is always happy and optimistic.. i never see him depressed or negative.. he is a the cup is almost full type of guy...

with that said.. the oil in his arms are test.. NOT synthol... if you shoot 1000grams of test into your arm.. it will have the same effect as synthol..
oil is oil is oil... but the test is a bit more anabolic...

just a little tidbit for ya'll :)
A 26" bicep and a 12" forearm, yeah, that's totally believable...

In that preacher curl shot, his arm looks like it's about to pop like a zit.

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