Wanna be huge


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Aight bros this is what it is recently i considered myself decent size i was 235 with 14% bf... But i got sick with a virus or something and i lost size im down to bout 216 looking good but want a lil more size and would like to get up to round 230. Wht do u guy suggest. Plus i really want to try fina so if u could throw that in the suggestion that would be key and i also want to trim up a lil on the luv handles they aint bad or nutting but i was thinking along the lines of T3 but wht type o test do i throw in the middle of this cycle to put on bout 10-15 lbs and i know diet is the key factor but if i have that in check wht kind gear u suggest?
Test Enan./EQ/Tren, this cycle will give you everything you are looking for! You will definitely get to 230, but you will be lean & solid! How old are you and do you have any previous cycles under your belt?
gear history started when i was 17yrs old 10 shots of suston 250 ran for 8 weeks, 10 shots of aratest ran 8 weeks at 18yrs old, 20 shots of winni eod 19yrs old, most recently ended two and half months ago 15 shots of duratest and 10shots of cyp ran that for 8 weeks.. I want to run the fina in this new cycle for forty days ed 1cc how should i set up the other stuff the test ethnate/ and the eq which will be from mexifarm( how is that company?)
Make sure you get your post cycle regime down too. Clomid.....have nolva on hand.....the usual.
Show us what you plan on running and how your going to run it and we'll tweak it for you