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I'm currently on a 5x5 routine. Monday and Thursdays I do 5x5 with bench, rows, and military. I also do 5x8 for curls. Tuesdays and Fridays I do 5x5 with squats. I trained for a long time without doing legs so they're growing with just the 5x5.

My upper body is getting stronger but I would like to gain some mass quicker. I was wondering what else I could throw in to gain some more mass quicker without overtraining. I can workout twice a day. My first workout is at school at about 10. I get out at 3 and can workout anytime.

btw, I am bulking and getting enough. I know 5x5 is not the most optimal routine for size but the reason I'm doing it is because I HAVE to get stronger for my weight lifting class and I knew a 5x5 routine would make me stronger and I am getting stronger. I just want to get bigger faster. I can add more food if necessary. So yeah, what do you think is the most that I could throw in to gain some size without overtraining?
What version of the 5x5 are you doing? Is sounds like you are overtraining to me. But yeah, post your routine up so we can see.
Monday and Thursday

bench 5x5
rows 5x5 these two alternate. when I finish doing bench I go do a set of rows.

5x8 ez curls
5x5 military

Tuesdays and Fridays

5x5 squats

That's all I'm doing right now. I hurt my knee so I'm still working up to the volume that I usually do which would be

5x5 squats

5x8 extensions
5x8 leg curls


3x5 deadlifts
3x12 weight crunches (need more mass on the abs)

I don't believe I'm overtraining because my genetics suck and it is hard for me to move up strength wise. The thing is that I'm still progressing (slowly however) so I don't believe I'm overtraining.
How long have you been training for? Training more frequently doesn't always equal more gains. IMO if you hit the gym hard 3 or 4 (max) times a week and rest the other days, you'd be very suprosed with your results. Even if you have shitty genetics; pure ectomorph or otherwise. Look for the 5x5 intermediate template on bb.com and try that, many people have seen good gains off of that routine, which is pretty brainless. Personally, it has worked great for me, and I've done ther 5x5 variations with more volume. Also check out ironaddicts.com it's a great site with loads of info. You could read for days over there.
I've been lifting for about 3 years but I was never serious about it until about this year. I put on about 40lbs from then til a couple months ago but I was so skinny then you couldn't tell I lifted at all.

I've been reading a lot in the past couple years and consider myself fairly knowledgable on the subject of lifting I just never put it to good use until now.

I've started an actual bulk but it looks like most of it is fat even though I am eating pretty clean. The bulk is helping me get stronger but I'm not growing very much. I'm 6' 175 getting about 280-300 carbs a day, 200g protein (half from shakes), and around 70g a fat (just guessing).

I'll look at bb.com too. I think that's where I got the original workout I'm on right now with a few modifications. Thanks.
I don't doubt that. The thing is I went on 1200-1500 on a guess for a long time. I'm still going up but right now this is putting weight on me. I can't stomach anymore than I'm doing right now but I'm working on it.

EDIT: Should I not expect to gain much until I get around 3000 or so? just a thought
I guess so. It just kinda sucks because I've been lifting longer than my friends and even though they're still not serious about it they can still double the gains I make in size and strength. I know that when you first start out you gain fast but what I accomplished in one year they did in 12 weeks and my diet was better.

They hardly get any protein either. One of them that passed me this year was a guy who only gets roughly 40g of protein a day! I hate genetics.

Thanks for all the help.
don't hate genetics. work around it. I myself am a hard gainer too. discipline ..try it bro.

don't be jealous of others. use them as your fuel to push further bro.
As others have said before, once you get over the mental barrier of not lifting more frequently, you'll allow yourself to hit the gym harder and grow. The misconception of "more is better" is rampant in beginning lifters, if you have been lifting a while with minimal results, always look at your diet first, then training. I know you haven't mentioned supplements, but remember they are just that; to supplement your training. IMHO you should be getting more protein from whole food, not relying so heavily on shakes.
I have to lift at least 4 days a week because I'm in a weight training class at school. None of the other classes even have to lift but I got put into athletes weight lifting for some reason. You have to follow one of the instuctors routines one of them just happened to be the 5x5.

The food situation, blah. My parents get pissed if I don't eat what they fix but they eat like slobs. Loads of fat and carbs. I'm pretty sure they think meat is the worst thing in the world. They never make it and won't buy me any so I can make it. And before the comments like "get a job and pay for it" come, my parents also pay for nothing of mine other than food and I'm guessing health insurance and I already have a job. I don't have extra money. When I do get the extra money, whey is the first thing I buy.

I got some of my friends CEE that he never used because the powder tasted aweful. My friend that works as a pharmacy tech. got me some capsules so I am taking that.

I know it sounds like I'm making a shitload of excuses but I swear its the truth haha.
Too much bicep curl. 3x8 is plenty.

For now, don't superset the bench and rows. Just do one set at a time and allow yourself plenty of time to recover before doing the next set.

Eat more. Be patient.
AngryMuscles said:
don't be jealous of others. use them as your fuel to push further bro.

Listen to this man. ^

It's ok to be jealous of others...its normal. But yes...let them fuel ur desire.

Remember!..."Theres' always a bigger fish."