Want to use igf1 lr3..but only training days ok


I want to use igf1 lr3...but want to get most out of it. Can I just use it PWO only and not on non training days. Or should it be daily. Thinking 50mcg after training.


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No personal experience with it, but if you are planning to use it post workout, make sure you have some quick acting carbs/protein ready. It can cause a drop in blood sugar, which will be slightly enhanced by being post workout.

Whey isolate and a banana/honey would be good, followed by a real meal pretty quickly.


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I've used igf1-lfr1 before but never really researched much about it, was just spur of the moment purchase. It's a fantastic product though, really like it. I was thinking about it but since cjc-dac increased baseline values up to 300%, i figured it wasn't really needed on top of everything else.
With that said, pretty sure you need to inject it twice per day, everyday if im not mistaken to be optimal.

Or maybe I just did that because you're supposed to do that with GH anyhow...

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Yea I would opt for the peptides that stimulate GH instead of LR3. Now if you want to do both that is another thing, because LR3 doesn't stimulate IGF, but it does increase IGF expression.

Here is a decent article on it:

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