waxy maize starch


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Easto said:
If you want a good postworkout carb source I would suggest WMS over dextrose. Take 1-2 scoops immediately after your workout.

30mins or so later have a protein and carb meal. I like to have a protein shake with some oatmeal and fruit.

So U wouldn't take your whey immidiately with the WMS?

I was thinking take the WMS with whey straight after my WO then a meal with good carbs and protein about an hour later.


do what?
I'm still learning, reading and experimenting with it. I'm using 50 grams of wms pwo, then 15 minutes later dextrose/whey/ALA/cee. I'd like to see studies done on it.

chris - I don't think it has an effect on blood sugar so if you use slin pwo you'd need carbs so you don't go hypo. don't quote me on that though, still learning.