Week 3


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I am just finishing up week 3 of a Enan cycle. I did my 6th shot this morning. Boy do I feel great. I have started to notice the strength gains, and my pumps are getting pretty damn nice as well. The best part is I still have 7 weeks to go :) I'm not sure what I am weighting right now, but I'll check this afternoon at the doctors office. Last week I was 220, hopefully I am a little heavier. I'll have to post some mid cycle and post cycle pics.
LFC. The injections are painless. I have done all my injections in the delts so far and I love it. The first injection in each delt were a little bit sore later that night. Only felt like I got punched in the arm. #3,4,5 and 6 have all been 0 soreness. I am actually hoping the scale at the doctors office is a little bit off. Before I started the cycle, I was cutting so I weighed around 206-210. If I am 220 (5'8")right now, who knows where I will be at the end of the cycle. Hopefully I can get some pics up so I can get a little constructive criticism from you guys
Week 5

Week 5 and the strength increase this week was awesome. I have not weighed myself in a while, but I am looking bigger and alot harder. I have been getting lots of positive feedback from guys at the gym. Everyone has been making comments on how much bigger I am now. Feels GREAT!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see how these 10 weeks turn out. I took some pics in week3 and I will take some more when the cycle is over and post them on the board. I'm can't wait to see the photo comparisons.