What’s the real issue with soy?


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I’ve been avoiding anything with soy on the label religiously for the last past 5 years. Would anything really change for the worse if I stopped? I have heard soy contains compounds that mimic estrogens but wouldn’t that shut down your body’s ability to produce estrogen or tell your body you already have enough and be a good thing in the end?

Ps not running anything, eat well, bodybuild, 28 years old. Was thinking the same way that putting things that mimic androgens in your body shuts down your test would the same be true in reverse?


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Of it were true that soy mimics estrogen then yeah it would be bad. If you got too much it would shut down your testosterone production in an attempt to lower your estrogen levels. Make sense? Are you familiar with this negative feedback loop?
The above is IF soy were like estrogen. If your body thought it was estrogen. An example of something acting like estrogen is clomiphene citrate. It occupies the estrogen receptor but is not recognized as estrogen, thus leading your body to believe you need more estrogen......which increases your testosterone production so that more will be converted to estrogen. Are you familiar with this?

I'll say one more thing. If you like soy then don't avoid it. It has nothing to do with estrogen or testosterone levels.....at least that's what Google says. Lol
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