What AAS's produce the most euphoria?

test and dbol make me so happy. or it could be the fact that i am on that makes me happy....

im hoping mudge will see my post above so he can call me a bastard...
Nutri-Wrestler said:
some things are better left private....

LoL.... I heard that some guy in Florida was jizzing in whoppers, could be another ubran legend.
Nutri-Wrestler said:
im hoping mudge will see my post above so he can call me a bastard...

You little.......... ;)

I think the test must have some effect on the body, I dont think the effect was a mind game. It seemed at some point in my cycle it was like a self confidence booster, despite the fact I was sweating like a bitch after walking a couple flights of stairs, I got used to it after awhile.
Yeah the sweat on test is kinda cool. I will be burning up and everyone will be freezing. I do think females can sense my extra test brewing, I have had a ton of ladies just come up and start talking to me and I have more confidence with them, it is great.
the first time i tried tren, if front loaded it for a few days before i started lifting...for those 3 days i felt the best i have in my whole life. the feeling went away when i went back to the gym. I have NEVER had a bad day in the gym while on tren


gonna run it again after a year and a half!
With dbol I definately notice the increase in dopmine levels....nothing major, just an elevated sense of well being. Stonger than the effect produced by nicotine, but by no means the effect of cocaine!

Test makes me feel like more of a man! It raises your masculinity awareness to insane extremes......its not that the females notice the test...its the test noticing the females...also how you noticed "looks" from opposing males. I honestly belive that test raises intictual awareness.

Tren!!!!! God tren is the brew of the bovine gods! When I have tren running in me....I feel like the baddest bull aorund.....I get down right cocky!..........bad juju sometimes...but god i love it.

Now put all 3 of these things together.....and youve got my favorite cycle....makes me feel like god....screw it........it MAKES me a god!
the dbol feeling is almost overwhelming for me...you feel so good you almost want to just sit there instead of gym it up...but that passes quick :)....test gives me a nice buzz especially when it first starts kickin in and when i switch to prop at the end it does it all over again only more so than before...weird...gutta love it
Well I was going to comment on that nasty four letter word (so say you guys) but I will just keep my mouth shut now:)