What best with Winny


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Setting up my 2nd cycle that I will be starting in about 2-3 weeks after receipt of goods. I just secured a bottle of Winstrol (winny) (50mg/cc-20 cc's) and am wondering what to mix with it. My buddy has used eq with it and liked the results but am looking for some other experiences. I am not planning on cutting with it. Let me hear some combos you have used and how you liked it. Thanks

I ran a cycle that consisted of Winstrol (winny) and primo. It was awesome. But that's before I discovered test. What RoadHouse suggested is also a pretty sick stack. What kind of winny... EQL?
rollercoaster said:
ahh.... I saw it wrong. Too bad, I wanted to know if it was good stuff. Isn't it oil based??

Yup, and it'll push through a 25g which is why i'm using it...No more clogged needles for me...