What changes should I make in my diet if i am away from workouts for 3 months???


No Pain No Gain...
I am a 20 years old boy...I workout everyday and take proper nutrition ....Sometimes i workout even twice a day as I will be competing for the state level 2007..

The problem for me now is that I have exams from December 2006 - March 2007 and as I have to study hard I will not be able to workout everyday....I will be working out 3 - 4 days a week ...

So please suggest me what changes should I make in my diet...Will I eat the same as when I used to workout ???

As I even want to incresae my muscell mass wiill this 3 months help me in any any ways???

If my question is not clear to someone please feel free to ask me...
no changes at all bud. working out everyday or even twice a day is doing you more harm then good. When i was ur age (2 yrs ago) i only ever worked out 3 times a week and still do...this works best for me. Lay off the gym so must and u will gain more mass
fuck, exams for 3 months....kill yourself, thats what id do.

how to expect to gain muscle while not working out for 3 months is beyond me.

just eat around maintenence levels during the time youre not working out.
I realise u have to work hard for your exams but I'm sure u could find 3-4 hrs a week if your serious about training.

Getting up early might be an option 4 u mate.
yes i am with "Eat it or Beat it!!!" I have already started feeling it....I have already started loosing strength...So whenever I am working out I am working out with heavy weight.... I have already started loosing the pump which i used to feel all the day....

But as I do not have sufficient mass on my thighs and calf muscle I workout for thighs and calf and abdomen whenever I am going to the gym, then i do what ever workout i feel like to do....

So am I doing the right thing???