What do you do to avoid scarring??


Getting ripped
I've got a problem which I'm sure alot of you people also have. I've never used AS, yet, but still I have got scarrs under my armholes stretching out to the chest. This is probably because of my skin being to stretched when growing fast. They're not very big but have become alot bigger during the last year.

What kan I do to avoid it?
Will it ever dissapear??

Help me out here, please!
They are called stretch marks. No they wont go away. And no tthere is nothing you can do to stop them besides lotion.
vitamine E and cocoa butter. if that doesnt work, go see a dermatologist and ask about Retin-A. that is suppose to work good
Why? In time, stretch marks will fade. When mine first came, they are dark red and looked like shit. Noe they have faded and I can't even see them unless I look really close.

I'm sure laser surgery will cost a few bucks. If you can stand them, just let them fade away.
lil g said:
i wonder how much laser surgery costs....

i havent had it done but i would say a few hundred (200-400) since you should only need a single session.
we all have stretch marks, but if yours are bright red and prevent you from taking your shirt off, it's more of a neccessity than a luxury as some of these people seem to be saying