What do you guys wear to the gym?


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I usually just wear, a baggy white shirt, baggy sweats and running shoes. I also use gloves. When I was younger I used to wear a beater to the gym but no more.

What do you guys wear?
Well this is the usual attire i wear, all the time really.....:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Something like this or any baby tank top and ripped up lycra short...
otomix shoes ,sweatpants , shitty shirt, pulldown knit hat, fanny pack for my cd player.

and while working out i have a sign that says leave me the fuck alone or i will bash your fucking teeth in;)
tabnk top and some sort of sweat pant gig....i definately alternate what i wear..colors etc...different tennies evry day of the week...you know the gig...have to keep up with the skinny preppy boys in the gym...and then you got the assholes on the cell phone in the gym...:D

I loved my swaetpants with holes and blood stained shins from deadlifting. I retired them, my new gym is just too full of pretty boys and hotties. Not that i look good now, but i just wear a pair of sweats and a t with sleeves, and my trusty mp3 player. No wife beaters for me, i workout with a friend when we do legs and back, and he is extremely concerned about what he looks like.
I usually am somewhat covered up. usually sweats and a t-shirt with a sweater over that and a skull cap. If I am doing legs I wear some silky pants cause they are more comfortable. I sometimes wear shorts when doing legs too.

If I am getting ready for a show I will usually start wearing tank tops when the show gets closer, this way I can see what needs improvement on.
Tiger-print thong, flashdance-like sweater and my suede baby-blue Pumas.

T-shirt and raggedy shorts.