What does you past look like?


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What does your cycle past look like?

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.......etc..........

And if you can remember, what were the good's, the bad's and the ugly's? And of course your gain's?
Best cycle, worst cycle?
My best cycle so far was 1g T + 50mg Winstrol (winny) ED. I just kept getting stronger every week until my prostate exploded in the 7th week. My first cycle was 800mg T for six weeks, and that also worked pretty good, but adding the Winstrol (winny) really made a big difference. The problem that I have is that whenever I run anything except T my sex drive crashes after a couple of weeks. That was particularly bad on tren, but even the 50mg Winstrol (winny) caused some problems -- and that was despite the 1g of T that I was on at the time.