What is the most effective Chest building exercise?


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1- Barbell bench press 2- Dumb Bell bench press 3- Flyes

I have been using only dumb bells because my right pec is outgrowing my left. SO i figured that my right was doing all the work with the barbell. Now I think it is just because I'm right handed, and therefore there are simply more neural connections for this side.

Anyway, should I go back to barbell bench for all out mass, and just return to dumb bels when I feel I have sufficient mass ?

I figure I will post it here first cause Im not sure how many ppl go over to the other pages on here.
you're going to get 10 different answers. i would make a poll with all the chest excercises. i prefer barbell pressing excercises, others prefer dumbell because they utilize more muscles.
I personally feel that Incline presses are a more effective mass builder. Either with a barbell or dumbells.

I am a bench presser. But I make better mass gains on the "Low incline presses."
hey guys, I only put 3 choices up there. it shouldnt be hard for anyone to choose, unless they cant read lol
Flys targer pectoral minor mainly, use a light weight.

IMO, dumbells for most everyone hits the chest best specifically, and dips are also badass for me. However everyone is different, for me I do alot of flat benches but I get more direct stim from dumbells.

This really should be in training ;)
Yea I prefer dumbels over the bar, but I also like to constantly switch my chest routine and not work the same order as the work out proir.
I normally do this with all muscle groups, it keeps your body from adapting to the same routine and helps to "shock" your muscles more.
Again, I am still growing and learning from the Veterans, so I am just passing along what has been handed down to me. This is working for me.

#1 -flat dumbell press (Monday)
-cable cross overs
- decline bar
- incline dumbells

#2 - cable cross overs (Friday)
- incline bar
- decline dumbells
- smith machine

Personally, I like dumbell presses 1000x more than (barbell) bench press, and think I get a lot more strength/mass gains from them.

I'm to the point now that I almost consider barbell bench press just something to do when you either want to find out your max, or if you just want to show off.

I also agree that it's good to make sure and throw in plenty of incline dumb presses too.
I did no flat barbell for a year, and did nothing but dumbell work. i decided to hop back on flat just to see and the pump was amazing, and my pecs and front delts grew all of the sudden. The key is to switch up routines once your muscles get stagnant to a given lift. I am still doing flat bar for the last 6 weeks and still getting stronger so until I plateau again I am doing them.

I think some other key chest lifts for nice pecs are weighted dips, and cable crossovers. I have never felt a burn in my pecs like you get from cable crossovers.
they do refine, but if you are going heavy there is no better excercise for isolating your pecs. I go heavy to the point that I need help to get the cables in for my first rep.
I just have such a hard time getting a good burn from cross overs...i dont know why..but i dont seem to get much out of them...weighted dips are my fav..sometimes its a little hard on the shoulders..but i get the best results out of them...also incline seems to work well for me...but i do need to get some bigger pecs...so maybe ill go back to cable crossovers with heavy ass weight..see how that goes
If you are upright while doing dips then you build more of your arms. If you lean forward as far as you can then you hit your chest.