what is the real name for tren?


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What is the name of tren when you buy it as a capsoul ot tabs? I was looking to find some just wanted to know the actual name for them. thanks
Loeffler actually does make Trenbolone Acetate tabs. They are 50mg apiece if I remember right. Way overpriced too(again if memory serves).

Make sure you get the Finaplix-H if you go the pellet route, and not Finaplix-S. If you do go the pellet route, then you have to either convert the shit into an injectable form yourself, or use transdermal DMSO. The latter being the easier way to go IMO, IF you are wet behind the ears, which I'm assuming you are(forgive me if I'm wrong). As far as gains though, the shots are better according to the majority.
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Trenbolone no ester
Trenbolone Acetate short acting ester
Trenbolone Enanthate long acting ester
Trenbolone Hexahydrobencylcarbonate or Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate is Parabolan this ester is close to enanthate.

went to a local tack and feed ( animal store) they said they didn't have any? going to try one more hopefully it will work there. I just want to get the pellets and do it my self. or maybe get my hands on some pre made stuff
:D thanks tweeter

Don't bother with the animal store. You won't find it there, so I'll save you the gas. It's expensive these days anyhow, aint it? Just do some searches, and you will find it at your fingertips. The pellets I mean. Don't PM me asking where either. Good luck though.