What to do when I can't work out??


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I'm having gyne surgery this week (from puberty, not juice)...

I know i will be asked not to lift for a month or two (and no cardio for about a month). However, i finished a simple (and arguably a non recommended deca only cycle) a couple of months ago. However, contrary to opinion, I gained a good 15lbs of muscle off of it with no deca dick whatsoever. i want to maintain most of my gains, or at least loose some of that fat during my time off (maybe around 5lbs). Is there anyway to do that just off of nutrition (and not the working out part)?

Should I cut back on my calories (while still maintaining my 200 + grams protein a day) even though I can't lift? How should I approach carb intake? Can I expect a sound diet to keep me muscular and maybe leaner despite limited activity?

Any advice on this matter would be great...
I'd be hitting legs real hard. Exercises that don't mess with your chest - ie hack squats, leg extensions, etc. Also, for me personally I'd keep my diet clean but cals up so you don't lose muscle. Sure you may add a lil extra fat but nothing that can't be taken off later.

Did you take any Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) or Clomid? If not I would.

I believe you can start working out about 4 weeks after. Ask the doctor and do a few searches. I'm pretty sure that's the case though.

Do me a favor and post your results of the surgery afterwards. There's a lot of people on this board that would be interested in the results, cost, time off working out, etc.

Good luck bro!
Well, I doubt i'll be able to do ANY kind of weight training during my month to 2 off. I'm sure the doc won't even approve doing legs during that time - but hell, if i can, I will...but i doubt it.

I stayed away from Clomid because i'm already predisposed to gyne and didn't want to start it, especially since i wasn't sure on surgery yet. Like i said, the cycle ended 2 months ago, and i've maintained most my gains so i don't think i had too much issue of having my natural test levels greatly suppressed...

Surgery is gonna cost me $4200 - no insurance. ultrasonic lipo. Supposedly this doc is good. Thanks to the parents who are helping me out with this...
Well i got some fibrous tissue which is arguably glandular in nature, but also some obvious fat deposits which won't go away - even actually looks worse when i cut because i look lean except for my chest.

Supposedly the doc says UAL will be able to remove both considering the glands don't seem so dense. I've read in another discussion board that excision is the best way to get rid of the gland while lipo is best for the fat and sculpting of the chest.

We'll see how it turns out...
Def keep us updated (especially me) im interested in this for the future (suffer from the same prob - puberty, not cuz of roids)