What wouldyou stack with Primo to mimic the effects of Tren?


I am banned!
I LOVE tren but despise the insomnia, blood pressure, and anxiety issues.

I am looking to do a lean gainer. TREN would normally be my AS pick to achieve this goal.

What would you suggest I stack with PRIMO to get TREN like effects?

I'm ~5'11 205 ~10%
Goal: 210-215 ~8-9% (SOLID LEAN GAINS)

Thanks in advance
I havent used tren myself and I dont plan to, but I wanna go for a real nice cut cycle too and this is the most interesting so far.

this would be intersting too

eq\oxandrolone\primo\winny stack too...

But i wounder if not eq and primo will fight for the same receptors?
Kim the Swede said:
yeah...i dont know that much about masteron. It doesnt seem like ppl use it that often.
However, Var is expensive

It as only been within the past 7 months that Drostanolone (Masteron) has become available again.

Since the majority of board members have come on the BB scene after Masteron went out of production, they wouldn't know much or have read much about it.

Drostanolone is a truly amazing product, and now that it is being made available by several labs it's popularity should sky rocket.
I would say anavar and Winstrol (winny), but none of them will mimic tren, because tren is better.
Sorry but nothing I know of mimics the effects of tren. Anavar doesn't even come close, not in the same galaxy.

I haven't tried it, but from what I've heard, masteron may be the closest to tren you can get.

Why not run test? Gains from test are aren't any less lean than any other gains, right?