Whats the Best steriod to Get Ripped?


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I wanna know what's the best steriod to get ripped with a good diet.... i've been tryin to get a good answer but nobody can give that one steriod?????

Xtra-cut-ripfuel-juicebag is my steroid of choice.

But seriously, could you be more of a newb?

I'm just busting your balls. What is your cycle history, your training history, your stats (age, weight, height, bf%)? If you do a little reading you will find that whether you cut or bulk there steroids don't play that significant a role, it's a lot more your diet and cardio. Save cutting steroids for competitive BB'ers. Test by itself or stacked with just about anything will be a good cutter.
Yeah, you gotta understand we get this exact same post about 10x a day, so we get a little sour about it.

Steroids have a lot of effects on your body, and from reading your post it seems you don't have too much (read: any) experience with them. You have a lot to learn. And if you have half brain and any respect for your body you will learn everything that you need to before putting drugs into your body.
for me it is tren e with prop or a good sustanon like Infar or Karachi. I will also use winstrol later in the cycle. there are many and dif variations. You must research and if you are new to Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) it is wise to go with test only as a first cycle.
Both tren and var have been shown to reduce abdominal adipose tissue to some degree.

However, cutting cycles are a waste of time and money unless you plan to step on stage.

Steroids are used to maintain lbm while your diet and cardio are used to reduce body fat. Steroids do not have a large impact on the fat you lose. As I stated above, two of them do aid a bit in that department, but don't expect to run them and get cut. That's just not how it works.

Diet and cardio do the job.
LOL...I like you outlawtas2 bro.

Should listen Bro...man knows what he is talking about.

4 things you need to get ripped lean mass:

1) Diet.....tons of protein, low to moderate carbs.
2) Cardio
3) Sleep

To get mass.....subtract the cardio

Now, if you would like more numbers ;), we need your history and stats
Very simple....Winstrol V at 50 mgs EOD if a newbie.(12 wks) (Who GAF if its an AA17....its mild and works!) If a vet 100 mgs EOD.

Winstrol and the right diet will shred you.

Olympic Gold Medalist Ben johnson didnt get busted takin it for nuthin!!!!