When to start my first cycle


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I'm not sure when I should start my first cycle, I've been training off and on for like 12 years but latley I've been training real hardcore for the last 3 months but i took the last 2 weeks off cause i think i just burned out and i had a little bit of a chest pull that was sore all better now and goining to start up again tommorow. I got all my gear and wondering when i should start.
Thanx bros-Cycle 500mg/test per week
If you've just been training for 3 months, your body probably isnt running at its full potential at the moment. No use rushing these things, you're ligaments will thank you later.
I agree at least give it a year, make as much gains as you can naturally.
At least wait till the end of summer and then you can bulk wtihout worryin about fat gain. buy then youll have almsot a good year of steady training on top of 12 years on and off
I don't understand about the fat gain bronco, and it's not like I'm new to the gym I just find it hard to stay motavated all year round as of now I'm 220 solid and can bench 3 plates aside for a few good reps it's going to take alot of convincing for me to hold off on the cycle, I planned on starting sometime this month.
i was jsut saying if you plan on bulking wich is what im assuming your doing, then you might want to wati untill after beach season if you put any fat on. if your like me and can eat pizza after a shot of humalog and not get fat then start now. your stats are good for someone natural so i dont see why not. i had no idea you were a solid 220.
im having a problem finding out how you know when you have reached your / or near your full natural potential ?
im unsure of how many more years i need to hold off like i have on da jiuce . i dont want to post a subject that maybe is here someplace .;)
Well if you have been training for 12 years you probably know your own body and how it reacts to diet and exercise. If your feeling burnt out after 3 months you probably know its time to change your training program. If you feel like you are back on track and ready to start the gear then only you can make that decision. I would probably start when I felt like I was back 100% physically and mentally.
Thanx bros do you guys use creatine when on the juice, I'm using it now and wondering if i should continue to use it when on the cycle?
It all depends on YOU. You know your body better then anybody, just don't get unpatient. I would wait until the summer ends. But good luck
I don't understand why everyone says to wait till afer summer, if i start a cycle in the next month or so I should be huge in the summer
pappapump said:
I don't understand why everyone says to wait till afer summer, if i start a cycle in the next month or so I should be huge in the summer

You may be holding more body fat than you want if you start bulking now. I'm running a cycle to try to drop some fat while maintaining my body weight. I will be off for most of the summer starting again in September. It just works better for me to be in my off period over the summer months but it's up to you and what you want to acomplish. I bulked year round back when I was 23-24 to get ready for a show. I spent that summer fat as hell but acomplished my goal.
Like I said it's up to you and what makes you comfertable. I hate taking my shirt off when I'm a little bloated and breaking out on my shoulders and chest.