who has got gyno from using the juice?

who has got gyno from using the juice?

  • yes i got gyno from the juice

    Votes: 76 27.0%
  • yes i have gyno but i had it since i was a kid

    Votes: 41 14.5%
  • no i dont have gyno but my nips relly flare up bad when i am on

    Votes: 49 17.4%
  • no gyno, never had a problem ever

    Votes: 104 36.9%
  • i used to have gyno but got it removed by surgery

    Votes: 12 4.3%

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im just curious because i have a little bit of gyno but i always remember having a little extra tissue behind the nips ever since i was a kid. i think the juice didnt help my cause and lately i have been thinking about geting it removed.
going 750mg of sus on first cycle with no anxillary gave me gyno on my first cycle. But not so bad. It goes back to normal when it gets cold. or when i rub on it. Never would do another test cycle without ana.
I don’t get gyno….. The most I have been on was 750mg Sus 250 + 200mg test enathate + 400mg of Deca and nothing. Those dosages were implemented through 2-3 months time.
hmmm... i dont know many people who have sued to get gyno, though i have heard some strange things before.
copracor said:
i got the gyno. do you think i should have it removed? i kinda like em

I don't think you need to worry about it......Uhhh what are you doing Saturday??????
pre hormones like andro whatever the fuck that shit is called gave it to me bad, now want to cut my tits off, don't ever take crap what a rip
Mine will get itchy without ant-E's. I never let it get farther than that though.
I get itchy nips after about four weeks on Sustanon 500mg and Deca 400mg and I then take one nolvadex tab a day for about 3-4 days and that knocks it on the head for another few weeks.Over ten weeks I might use about six 20mg tabs of nolva.

i guess i'm pretty unlucky then. i got it on my first cycle of 500mg test enan a week. i shoulda been less casual about it. it didn't itch or irritate me so i figured it was some "all-around" fat that i got from bulking. now that i've cut back some cals, they're still there. they're not monster titties, but just makes my nipples look pointy. sux.
deca = no gyno.....test enan = gyno. i only get it in my left nip. liquid nolva fixed me up though. only a small lump...not really noticeable.
I have fatty tit's from puberty and I fucken hate it.No lumps though.Even when I get lean I have it.Would lipo get rid of it or do I haft to get it surgectly removed?