Why not into a vein?


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This maybe a stupid question. I never really thought about it until I read a similar thread.

What is the reason that we don't shoot into a vein. I mean I know it is bad, but what happens. And what is the reason this happens.

With every other medicine(at least from what I have had), the doctor just injects. With no redard to aspirating to make sure he is not into a vein. The there are IV's where they deliberately shoot into a vein.

I guess maybe I just don't understand the mechanics of it. If the point is to get the steroid into the blood stream, then what quicker way then a vein?
Thank you SC.

That was exactly what I was looking for!
Expalined it perfectly.

Like I said, I new it was bad, etc. I was just never told the reasoning behind it.
I asked about the no aspirating thing before and was told that they do aspirate, but they just do it really fast so most people miss it
ok i posted this in the link stoncold gave us by mistake. we all know you cant shoot and oil iv but wat about water based gear?