Wide grip upright rows vs. side laterals


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Which do you guys consider a more effective way to train the side delts? I have always stuck to doing only side laterals but know I feel like its time to switch it up a bit.
I`d say both are effective exercises for the side delt but i belive the upright row implies a greater injury risk so i`d go with diferent types of lateral raises like alternate , one arm db laterals or cable lateral raise .......

Here`s me doing alternate db lateral raises :
Do 2 sets of both bro. You should incorporate them both into your Delt routine, as two high quality mid-delt movements. Wide-grip upright rows pose a slight injury risk, so you should go lighter imo(10-15 reps). Lighter weights on this exercise will give you a better pump reguardless. I recommend doing them on a Smith Machine initiallty, as that will allow you to keep the plain of motion, while you can focus on the movement. When you perform them, your upper arms, at the height of the movement, should be parralel to the floor. Any higher is where you will be adding exessive stressors to the rotator cuff. To keep tension in the area, you should not lock out your arms during the negative portion of the lift.

In other words bro. They are both equally effective.
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I always incorporatre side laterals on shoulder day.Have you tried the W presses?Try throwing them into the mix ..........they do stress the outer head more so than presses I find
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70 what are w presses?
i think its something from the days of the old timers / 1st mr. o . where they ark the dumbells overhead in a HIGH POINT lat. raise/press . wierd i know & hard to explain . i never used it but i think these are it ?
Go out & buy this months issue of Muscle & Fitness bro. There is a huge section with a ton of variations for Delt training.
I would definitely take the injury factor into consideration. As was suggested, if you're going to do them, go light. Or, if you want a change, try cables if you've been doing dumbbells or vice versa. Completely different feelings between the two exercises.
house1 said:
70 what are w presses?
House .......
W are like seated dumbell presses.......except the palms of your hands are not facing forward.They are facing each other......this allows you to bring the dumbells down further as opposed to standard DB presses.
The DBs are not parallel to your shoulders in this excersise
I find it hits the delts pretty hard ........
I keep hearing people talk about Upright Rows and Behind the Neck Presses being "High Risk" exercises. They have no higher risk of fucking up ones rotator cuff than Bench Presses, Incline Presses, Squats, Side and Front laterals(when using to much weight), and dozens of other exercises.

house1 said:
70 what are w presses?

kind of like a fly for shoulders, you should look like a W when you look in the mirror at the starting position, palms facing your head. You are seated, and kind of press them up, but it is not really a standard press. Kind of hard to explain.
Some people are built for squatting while others have a harder time with it. Same for benching and every other exercise. I can do wide uprights and they cause no stress on my rotator. Others cannot due to the width of their shoulder girdle. You should aways find what works best for you.