Training frequency while running Test E, Winny and Durabolin regimen

So this is probably one of those questions with no definitive answer as it has so many variables but I would like to gather a general consensus. While running 500mg of Test E, 400mg of Durabolin 2xWK (Monday/Thursday evening pins) and 40mg ED of Winny with an occasional bump of Test P as needed depending on fatigue from workouts (no more than 200mg 1xWK if feeling sluggish or weaker than usual- probably body telling me to take a rest day), how often should I train? I was going EOD, but that was killing me to not hit the gym. I gained 30 pounds like this (252 pounds at 5' 9.5" last weigh in), but started going to the gym daily again because discipline can be a b****. I haven't gotten on the scale because I honestly forget to when I am done working out. Below is my routine. Kinda basic and not too heavy as I had torn a pec 4 years ago and don't want to re-injure it again. I often find myself wondering if I'm being complacent in my workout because some days I feel I could've done a few more sets, but am wary to do so because I have before and ended up too sore to hit the gym the following day. When I wake I drink my aminos, hit the gym on an empty stomach and drink aminos intra-workout, come back and start feeding myself my initial recovery meal, lunch, another recovery meal of rice/eggs or chicken and then dinner and pre-bedtime whey and amino mixture drink. I eat about every three hours depending on what I have to do.


Flat Bench: Warm Up 225 x 20
Set ONE 315 x 10
Set TWO 315 x 8
Set THREE 315 x 6
Set FOUR 315 x 4
Set FIVE 315 x 4
Set SIX 315 x 8

Incline Bench: Set ONE 315 x 4
Set TWO 315 x 3
Set THREE 315 x 3
Set FOUR 315 x 3
Set FIVE 315 x 2

Decline Machine Press: Set ONE 405 x 10
Set TWO 405 x 10
Set THREE 405 x 10

One Arm Preacher Curls: 5 Sets x 65-70#
Hammer Curls: 4 Sets x 10 @ 70/80/90/70# if feeling extra froggy I might do 100's.

Day Two: Off


Squat: 4 x 15 @ 300#
Standing Single Legged Hamstring Curl: 4 x 10 @ 50# I try to emphasize engorging the muscle with blood
Seated Calf Raise: 4 x Max Reps @ 135#
Standing Calf Raise: 4 x BW x 15

Day Four: Off


Seated Shoulder Press: 4 x 10 @ 225#
Upright Row: 4 x @ 50# rep out - again done at this light weight to emphasize the pump
Side Laterals: 4 x 10 @ 30/35/40/30# burnout- could go heavier, but want strict/slow form
Face Pulls: 4 x 10 @ 110 - 155#- this seems to work weight-wise versus going heavier
Tricep Pushdowns: 8 sets @ 210 - 285#
Reverse Grip Pulldowns: 5 sets @ 175/200/220/230/240#

Day Six: Off


One Arm Lat Pulldowns (machine): 5 sets @ 135#(3/45's)
Stiff Arm Pulldowns: 8 sets @ variable weight w/ burnout sets at end
Seated Machine Rows: 3 sets
Close Grip Pulldowns to front: 5 sets 140/160/180/200/200#
Seated Calf Raises: 4 sets @ 135# Burnout

Now my workout is the exact same only I go Monday thru Friday and take the weekend off. Does anyone think this is too frequent? Now I know I could squat and bench heavier, but keep in mind I have a previously torn pec, 4 slipped disks and a nerve impingement. I know cry me a river... that's also why deads aren't a part of my workout.
What adjustments should I make if any to the training frequency? Not really interested in changing the weights at this point.
I switched from a 3 day split to upper/lower for more frequency. Since i started testE i have put on about 9lbs and im only 3.5 weeks in so i guess its working. But id never tell anyone how to train as we are all different. Do what feels right and listen to your body when it says it needs rest
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