Winny question.


If one is not running any other 17aa steroid, would it be ok to hit 75mg ED for 4 weeks?

What are youre experiances? And yes Test will be used along it ofcourse.
Are you taking oral or injections?

75mg/day x 7 = 525mg/week.

That seems like a lot. The most I have done with a Test & Winstrol (winny) cycle was 300mg of Winstrol (winny) (50mg injections 6 days/week) and 500mg of Test. I personally enjoyed the cycle myself and would do it again. The most Winstrol (winny) I have ever taken in a week was 400mg (injections, I've never used oral Winny).
No it's oral Winstrol (winny).
Im using 1+ G of test with it, getting ready for a show and think the Winstrol (winny) would help alot now in the final weeks.
I ran it at 100mg ED oral for 4 weeks. I think it really helped give me a a hard cut look. My joints started to hurt at the end. And it fucked up my AST, ALT and LDL. The cholesteral came back to good rather quick, the liver values got better but not to the desired range. However when I was younger I used to drink heavily and used alot of hard drugs I dont know if maybe I did some permanent damage to my liver.
PS I did not drink or use for several years before the winny.
i ran it with test for my past cycle at 50mg ED for the last 5 weeks of it, and it was a sweet ass cycle. you should really like that
If it is oral you should be set with that cycle bro. For me injecting 400mg/wk was very painful on my joints like cheezy said and my body was felt like it was on fire for days on end.

Good luck with that cycle, it's good stuff. And best of luck with your show as well.
Yup its oral.
Will start on monday didnt have the time today.
Will go with 75mg for 4 weeks but if anyone has anymore input please do.

On that kind of a dose, when do you guys get the benefits?
lucky6914 said:
have fun withthe back pumps

Dont know anyone that has gotten back pumps of Winstrol (winny), some do on dbol...
I didnt get on dbol but that was only 20mg/day as a kickstart.
Ive hear of ppl doing more than 75mg ed actually, but they were doing injection and very experienced. Imo, 50mg ed is enough for you orally and don't forget to use some Liv-52 and plenty of water.
I am not sure with oral, but with injections I get some go results within two weeks easily.
I thought the "back pumps" were actually your liver hurting....? is it a muscle thing or liver issue? I freaking hate winny.