Wrist straps and grip strength


Duck Plucker
I really don't LIKE using them but when I get over 315 on Deads
I have to use them.I just don't have the strength in my grip to hold the weight.

I'm up to 455 on deads and even with the straps it's a bitch to hang on to the weight.

I can feel my grip improving but is it slower because of the straps?


But, I use straps as well. After your back workout you should go and do some farearm/grip work.

I would rather just use straps for deadlifts, so I can focus on lifting the weight, not holding it.
Yeah I do but I'm finding forearm/Wrist strength is lagging behind everything else,not much but noticable.

I'm not really sweating it as Deads are a back exercise not a forearm ex.

Just sucks when you feel you can do 1 or 2 more but your grip is slipping.

Even with the straps you can't hold on? Maybe you should focus on grip strength after each back workout. When I use straps I think my hands will fall off before I drop the weight.
i hate straps and belts. forearm strength is the key to a good grip.

455 on deads. killer bro that's some serious weight!!! good work
Thanks man.I don't think it's bad for my size,5'9" 210.

No,I hold on but it's a bitch sometimes esp the last few reps.

Shrugs I don't seem to have the problem with,maybe the grip on deads?

Eh Mad have you tried overhand underhand grip with straps?Your hand will be hooked in different postions giving you more holding ability along with the straps.......just a thought .
By the way you are one strong MOFO...
Yeah that's what I do 70 overhand w/ the left and underhand w/ the right. I tried mixing it up but it didn't feel comfortable.

It seems the underhand right is the problem,maybe try overhand totally?

2nd time I heard Strong Mofo today.Thanks;)

I've pulled over 700 without straps. It is very important for me to have a very strong grip though. I used to train my deadlifts with straps till I brought my grip strength up. It takes time...but worth it.

B True
i go over 500 on deads from time to time, and i use both hands over the bar since i don't want imbalances. And i use straps, I could care less about grip strength and my forearms are definately in proportion to my upper arms. If i was a competitive powerlifter it would be a different story, but i am not, and i love my straps and i use them as much as i can. I am trying to build my back, not my grip, i am not sure if grip strength is a badge of honor but i honestly could care less, until that is, my forearms are lacking.
I always train without grip for everything, so far my grip is getting strong. But my max dead is 385 w/o straps. Try 2 reverse grips that helps me out sometimes when i go balls to the wall with 135 for as many reps as i can bang out.
But try and deadlift w/o straps and just keep your straps standing by just in case.
this is an argument that could last forever, i use them only on heavy sets when my hands are sweaty and tired, i use them on hangcleans for anything over 315, and on deads for anything over 500, i just believe that if im training my back or shoulders that i should not jeopardize my ability to do heavy sets b/c my grip is giving way, i think that if youve pulled two heavy sets and got to pull two more then strap those bitches up to make sure you got no excuses.
I don't use lifting straps, I use these rubber grabs. I only use them because my hands get sweaty when I'm lifting. I only use them for deadlifts though.
I use straps because I have carple tunnel that will eventually need surgery. My hands go numb during my sets of deads and srugs so I need the straps to get through my set.
Unless you are a powerlifter/strongman, I don't see the point of having a super strong grip. Unless it just makes you feel like a man. I personally do not use straps except on my heaviest sets.
My forearms are rediculously big, so I def. do not need them any bigger!!