24 years old planning first cycle for body recomp. 6 feet tall. 200 pounds. I am not


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Hey guys. I’m new here but I have read A LOT on steroids (including the stickies on this site). I wanted to plan this out on paper as much as I could before I try any of this newfound knowledge on myself. Here are my supplies:
1 vial 300mg/mL Test Enanthate
1 vial 400mg/mL EQ
60 25 mg Turinabol Capsules
30 1mg ADEX tablets
50 25mg Nolvadex capsules

I will lay put my rough draft for you:
Week 1-10: Test E 300mg/week
Week 1-10: EQ 400mg/week
Week 1-4: Turinabol 50mg/week
Nolva PCT protocol
Adex (as needed for desired effect)

The test is low. That’s the goal. Just looking to stay at normal levels to minor anabolic levels. I have read that 300mg/ week will keep me well above 1000ng/dL so that’s what I’m shooting for.
(Source: https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/3595893/)
(Source: Stickies on this site)

So, that’s my plan. If you have any suggestions on that please let me know!
Now I have some questions

1. I know that most people reccomend a longer cycle of EQ. Is it worth using if I plan on using it for 10 weeks?

2. (If I use the EQ,) Can I draw the Test and EQ into the same syringe for injection?

That’s all I have for now! Thanks in advance for ALL answers.


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Welcome to the site. If this is your first cycle then this is NOT the way to go. If you did read the stickies as you said then you would know that a first cycle is test, hcg, Ai, and pct of nolva and clomid.
your way out there taking a risk on your cycle. Time to do some real reading and learn how to do a basic first cycle. good luck!


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Casanovaaa is right Op. You are no where close to a well educated 1st cycle. Your suggested cycle will no doubt leave you with a substantial amount of headache and regret when you realize you totally wasted your 1st cycle, which should be your most productive.
Don’t be stupid, put that stuff up somewhere and forget you have it until you do a little more research.
Here is some direction: too many compounds, AI protocol is wrong, no HCG or blood work, pct protocol is wrong, too young (speculating here but I bet you haven’t been seriously dieting or training to your full natural potential)
Good luck


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Thanks for the advice guys. I can’t say I’m gonna put ALL of it away. but I will keep it to just test for now. My diet is alright but my training is very good. been at it since I was 15, no joke. I did think I was pretty well prepared but I’ll try to learn a more. I’ll start in this thread.
Casanova, what did you mean by saying I’m taking a big risk with this cycle? Did you mean the choice of compounds? Cycle length?


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Thanks for the advice guys. I can***8217;t say I***8217;m gonna put ALL of it away. but I will keep it to just test for now. My diet is alright but my training is very good. been at it since I was 15, no joke. I did think I was pretty well prepared but I***8217;ll try to learn a more. I***8217;ll start in this thread.
Casanova, what did you mean by saying I***8217;m taking a big risk with this cycle? Did you mean the choice of compounds? Cycle length?

what the hell do you think it means dude. your still trying to justify your inproper cycle. Lots of guys come around here with inproper cycles, ask about it, get alot of great advice on not to do it and do a proper first cycle, and the guys go ahead and do their cycle anyway.
few months later these guys are in the trt forum asking what they did wrong when their own test levels are all out of whack.
just my 2ccs worth as we only want the best for all our members here.
take it for what its worth.

lets get real and leave it behind and do a proper first cycle man.
Start anew and plan out your first cycle, properly.
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Guys on here will get irritated if ya ask questions with the goal of changing our mind. To clarify, regarding your question "taking a big risk".......a first cycle is one compound (test only). The reason is because if you take two or three compounds and experience side effects, then you dont know what is causing it. Dropping or changing the dose mid cycle may not help if you drop or change the wrong compound, thus further complicating the risk factor. Test only is best tolerated by men for a first cycle. If you insist on cycling at this age then you need to stick with the first cycle sticky. Even that can be risky so be prepared to accept the risk. What are the risks?......growing tits when your estrogen spikes, damaging your natural production of testosterone, sterility, hair loss, bad acne.....etc.

Know and study the risks. Keep it simple. If you are prepared for the risk then stick with one compound, add one next time or just up the dose and so on.

Best of luck to you bro. Please keep reading and asking questions


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Yes, thank you LateStart. I should clarify that when I said “won’t drop all of them” I meant I’ll keep the test. Also, not trying to change anyone’s mind haha. I wanted him to clarify what he said because I wanted to know what I could do differently. Casanova, meant no disrespect. Sorry if I stepped on toes.


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So you got some good feedback, and sounds like you want to hear the standard approach.

It is the following:

Week 0 get blood testing to establish your test, E2, LH and FSH baseline - don't skip this, you only ever have one chance
Week 1 to 12 Test E 500 mg/wk, most advise taking 250 mg split 3.5 days apart
Week 1 to 14 adex 0.25 EOD or asin 12.5 mg EOD
Week 1 to 14 HCG 500 iu/wk 250 split 3.5 days apart
Week 15 to 19 PCT clomid 50/50/25/25/25 nolva 40/40/20/20/20

Week 7 get blood testing again and adjust the AI dose up or down to get your E2 where you want it

Based on what you said you have you'll need another bottle of Test E, cut up the adex tabs into quarters, get some clomid.

The EQ and tbol will make a great 3rd or 4th cycle, though you'll want to run the EQ 14 to 16 weeks. For now your main goal is #1 to recover, and #2 to learn how to manage estrogen.


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^^^^^^^^there it is. First cycle spoon fed to ya ;) Do anything other than the above mentioned.....and your risk goes up dramatically. Tankman put it simple and to the point. If you're gonna cycle at your age then that is the way to do it. I wouldnt mess around with a lower dose than listed above. 400-500 is the best first cycle. Domt worry about getting too big or building too much muscle. We hear that all the time on here. Guys say they want to go lower than the 4 to 5 hundred recommended because they just want to lean out or tone up but not get "too big". You wont get too big. If you want to lean out then you need a healthy low calorie diet and daily cardio. The test dose will help you keep and even build a little muscle on your first cycle while losing weight. The first cycle is great.....dont mess it up by changing it. There is a reason everyone shoots for 500 their first time. My first cycle was around 425 a week and at week 3 and a half my strength got insane. By week 5 I had gained unreal strength. I felt like a God when I walked in the gym. My confidence, strength, and sex drive were all higher than ever in my life....EVER. Not even at your age did I feel so good. Even with this great experience I didnt gain anything worth speaking about. I had been fooled into thinking that 20 to 30 pounds of muscle was a realistic first cycle expectation. Well......its not. Some people do, but nobody I know has ever done that. My point is, dont worry that you'll gain too much as this is completely determined by diet. Stay in a deficit and you will barely gain anything at all.....just lose some fat and gain a few pounds of muscle.

Good luck bro. And dont be afraid to wait a few years if you feel you aren't quite ready. If you wait....use this time to play with your diet and routine so you'll know exactly what to eat and how to train when the time comes. Either way....let us know what ya decide and how it goes. Take care


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when i hear someone say "my diet is alright" thats a big red flag for me..

what are your stats brother?


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I appreciate the quality advice, fellas. I’m 6 feet tall. 200 lbs. By alright, I mean I track my calories expended and my meals on my fitbit (which is known for being only somewhat accurate). also meaning, if there’s cake out at lunchtime and I have 1000 calories left, i may have that piece of cake and have my normal dinner later on. Recently I’ve been trying to eat right around maintenance but not super strict. I would guess my bodyfat is right around 15%.


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Sounds like you're in pretty good shape and have a handle on what's up. Just be sure to do your hormone homework. It opens up a slightly different approach to training and diet. That damn diet is so hard to nail down. Again......good luck bro and keep us informed on how it's going. Ask questions when ya have them


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I think that’s a fair assessment. New to hormones but I’ve always been interested in fitness (mainly strength) Thanks guys. I’ll have to consider keeping a log, though I won’t start until I can order some hcg and clomid. My sharps came today so I’m getting anxious to kick this thing off.


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I think that***8217;s a fair assessment. New to hormones but I***8217;ve always been interested in fitness (mainly strength) Thanks guys. I***8217;ll have to consider keeping a log, though I won***8217;t start until I can order some hcg and clomid. My sharps came today so I***8217;m getting anxious to kick this thing off.

Well OP it seems I came in here a little late and now I have to straighten EVERYONE out... ya know :dunno:

Oooh just kidding... Welcome OP :wavey:

Seriously since I'm late her I will testify that all the suggestions and comment from my buddies here are RIGHT ON. As was said guys come in with their ideas of 1st and 2nd cycles only to find themselves way out on a limb... To much and too soon.

OP just stick with the beginners cycle as said. Get your BW done so you know what is really going on with your blood n hormones.

So my advice and suggestion in a nutshell is follow the lead they gave you.

Good Luck


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Another quick update. Bloods in. 22 pg/ml estradiol and total test is 738 ng/dl. Did my first pen last night. 300 mg test e


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Also, secured my clomid. I now have nolva and clomid for pct. Took .25 adex with first pin and plan to take another .25 with my next pin (Saturday morning)


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Forgot to mention I went ahead with the Turinabol. i’m not committed to using my entire supply. May just use it as a 2 week kick starter for reasons explained later on. It’s day 3. Did chest, arms, and light cardio yesterday. felt great. Call it placebo but I definitely felt good endurance and really good pumps everywhere. Chest pumps are sometimes hard to come by for me. it’s a natural weak point of mine. Saw a new vein or two too. Today my physique looks good. Really filled out. My calves and forearms still feel pumped from last nights work out. If these are the results I’m seeinng from tbol on day 3, I may only run it for the first 2 weeks or so as a solid kickstart.
Also, took another .25 adex this morning. Blood pressure felt a little high and I noticed a couple small pimples coming in.


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Also, took another .25 adex this morning. Blood pressure felt a little high and I noticed a couple small pimples coming in.

As someone who managed to both have very high estro and also crashing it in the same cycle...
My advice... Dont guess or go on feelings. Get blood work.

Pimples will come if you're prone regardless of e2 levels.